Special material alloy flange

Special material alloy flange


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Special material alloy forges

Nickel base alloy flanges,specialty alloy flanges

Usual Application:

  • Furnaces and reactors for oil and Petrochemical industries.
  • Chemical Industry and refineries
  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing Equipment


Nickel base alloy flanges

SB-160,SB-164,SB-335,SB-408,SB-425,SB462,SB472,SB473,SB-511,SB512,SB-564,SB-649,ASTM A637,AMS 5662,AMS 5663, AMS 5664, ASME SB637, AMS 5669, AMS5698, AMS5699

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32750 flanges  duplex flanges

stainless steel flanges   flanges

ring flanges   incoloy alloy flanges

Standard Material Bar Forging and   Forging stock
SB-163 Nickel N02200 SB-160, SB-564
SB-163 Low   C  Nickel N02201 SB-160
SB-165,SB-163 Nickel-Copper N04400 SB-164, SB-564
SB-622 Ni-Co-Cr-Si N12160 SB-564, SB-572
SB-622 Ni-Mo  N10001 SB-335
SB-622 Ni-Mo  N10665 SB-335,SB-564,SB462,SB472
SB-622 Ni-Mo  N10675 SB-335,SB-564,SB462,SB472
SB-622 Ni-Mo N10629 SB-335,SB-564,SB462,SB472
SB-622 Ni-Mo N10624 SB-335,SB-564
SB-622 NI-Mo-Cr-Fe  N10242 SB-564 , SB-573
SB-622 Low   C NI-Mo-Cr-Ta N06210 SB-564 , SB-574
SB-167,SB-163 Ni-Cr-Iron N06600 SB-166 , SB564
SB-167,SB-163 Ni-Cr-Iron N06601
SB-167 N06617
SB-167, SB-163 Ni-Cr-Iron N06690
SB-167, SB-163 Ni-Cr-Iron N06025 SB-166 , SB462 ,   SB-472
SB-167, SB-163 Ni-Cr-Iron N06045 SB-166 , SB462 ,   SB-472
SB-167, SB-163 Ni-Cr-Iron N06603 SB-166 , SB-564
Ni-Cr-Iron N06693
SB-622 Low   C Ni-Cr-Mo N06058 SB-564 , SB-574
SB-622 Low   C Ni-Cr-Mo N06059 SB-564 , SB-574 ,   SB-462 ,SB-472
SB-163 Low   C Ni-Cr-Mo-W  N06686 SB-564 , SB-574 ,   SB-462 ,SB-472
SB-444 Ni-Cr-Mo-Cb N06852
SB-444 Ni-Cr-Mo-Cb N06625 SB-446, SB-564
SB-444 Ni-Cr-Mo-Si N06219 SB-446, SB-564
SB-622 Low   C   Ni-Cr-Mo N10276 SB-564 , SB-574 ,   SB-462 ,SB-472
SB-622 Low   C   Ni-Cr-Mo  N06022 SB-564 , SB-574 ,   SB-462 ,SB-472
SB-622 Low   C Ni-Cr-Mo  N06035 SB-564 , SB-574 ,   SB-462 ,SB-472
SB-622 Low   C Ni-Cr-Mo  N06455 SB-574
SB-622 Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-Cu N06007 SB-564 , SB-574 ,   SB-462 ,SB-472
SB-622 Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-Cu N06975
SB-622 Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-Cu N06985 SB-581
SB-622 Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-Cu N06030 SB-581, SB-462,   SB-472
SB-622 Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-Cu N06255
SB-622 Ni-Cr-Fe-Mo-Cu N06250
SB-622 Ni-Cr-W-Mo N06230 SB-572, SB-564
SB-622 Low   C Ni-Cr-Mo-W N06686 SB-574, SB-564,   SB-462, SB-472
SB-163 Ni-Fe-Cr N08120 SB-408, SB-564
SB-163 Ni-Fe-Cr N08800 SB-408, SB-564
SB-163 Ni-Fe-Cr N08810 SB-408, SB-564
SB-163 Ni-Fe-Cr N08811 SB-408, SB-564
SB-163 Ni-Fe-Cr N08801
SB-622 Ni-Fe-Cr-mo N06002 SB-572 
SB-622 Ni-Fe-Cr-mo N06060
SB-622 Ni-Fe-Cr-mo N08320
SB-622 Ni-Fe-Cr-mo N08135
SB-622 Low   C Ni-Fe-Cr-Mo-Cu N08031 SB-649, SB-564,   SB-462, SB-472
SB-622 Low   C Ni-Fe-Cr-Mo-Cu N08535
SB-622 Ni-Fe-Cr-Co R30556 SB-572 
SB-163, SB-423 Ni-Fe-Cr-Mo-Cu N08825 SB-425, SB564
SB-423 Ni-Fe-Cr-Mo-Cu N08221
SB-535 Ni-Fe-Cr-Si N08330 SB-511, SB512
SB-535 Ni-Fe-Cr-Si N08332
A312 N08800 SB-408, SB-564
A312 N08811 SB-408, SB-564
SB-677, A312 N08904 SB-649 
SB-677, A312 N08925 SB-649 
SB-677 N08926 SB-649 
SB-668 N08028
SB-729, A312 Alloy   20 Ni-Iron-Cr   N08020 SB462, SB472, SB473
SB-729 N08026
SB-729 N08024
Inconel   718 N07718 ASTM   B637, AMS 5662, AMS 5663, AMS 5664, ASME SB637
Inconel   X750 N07750 ASME   SB-637, AMS 5669, AMS 5698, AMS 5699 
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